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Contest and Upcoming Publications

First off, thanks to everyone who submitted their solo encounters to our Heroes of Shadow contest! As I've stated before, I had chosen to not look at any of the submissions until past the deadline, so now that that's done with I'm going to go through them and try to objectively pick a winner.

Will probably start doing that at some point tonight; hopefully I'll be able to select a winner by end of week.


On another note, a few weeks ago I had sent a pitch of my Gamma World module "Fire From the Sky" to the Wizards of the Coast submissions email. Today I got a pretty straight forward response...


Thanks for the proposal, but we're not looking for any Gamma World material right now.

(Name of person responding redacted)

Simple enough. At least they're listening!

Now I still haven't gotten a response from the Wizards of the Coast legal department regarding compliance with the 4e GSL (see this post for more information on that), but I have decided to go ahead and publish my Gamma World module for a nominal fee through RPG Drive Thru. If they have any objections to it (and lord knows I have tried to clarify things prior to publishing it), I will simply take it down.

I will be going through final review in the coming days (there's one thing that I know I have to change due to it not working well within the Gamma World mechanic), and then will let everyone know when it's up. If you would like to review it in the meantime, let me know and I can provide a free copy.


Finally, Chapter One of my uber-campaign The Coming Dark - a chapter called "Homecoming" - is technically complete and pending review from third parties. I'm kind of hesitant publishing it because it flows in to subsequent chapters that don't exist yet; part of me doesn't want to publish something that people will play only to stop while I work on the next part. So we'll see when that gets out there.

Stay tuned, everyone!

Thanks for the proposal, but we're not looking for any Gamma World material right now.
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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to submit an entry to the contest. It was fun to put together . . . and even if nothing comes of it, I learned some things about monster building and gained practice at creaturing an adventure centered around a theme.

    How many entries did you receive?

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