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Gamma World Remnants: Gammacore Reactor Control

I've been wanting to release this for quite some time, just haven't gotten around to it.

This was one of the planned areas in my cancelled Gamma World "fourthcore" (or "gammacore", as some have called it) project When Worlds Collide. The whole campaign was meant for a party of about 5th level.

In similar style to previous fourthcore releases, this is one of four possible areas the players must traverse in order to reach a computer system at the North end. It's a combination encounter and pseudo-puzzle involving prisms and very painful particle beams.

Hope you enjoy!

When Worlds Collide - Reactor Control (PDF, 448K)

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  1. Cool. Thanks for doing this one in PDF. I want to put this in a difficult mod for GW players. Everything is better when it is xCore! Just think, Savage Worlds, SavageCore! It rolls off the tongue.

  2. Thanks for putting this out there – very cool. This will make an awesome set piece in the campaign I’m running. I’ll let you know how it works.